Monday, June 21, 2010

The Adventures of Bat Ted Chapter 3

On Sunday it is my Bat Teds birthday. He is having a cake. He is six years old. He is having a teddy cake.

The Adventures of Bat Ted Chapter 2

On the weekend Bat Ted went to the beach. He brought his boat with him. Ted hopped on his boat. Ted went out to the deep. He caught a yellow fin tuna. Ted saw a shark. Ted did not know the kind it was.
By Harry

The Adventures of Bat Ted - chpt 1

If I was Super Ted I would be a bear. When bad guys shoot me I would die and I would come alive again. I live in a jet plane. I would eat meat and fruit and fish fat and vegetables. My real name is... Can you guess what my real name is? Bat Ted! I can breath under water. I have a submarine too. It is awesome. I have a big TV and Play Station. I have a gun.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wacky Hair Day

Lots of children in Super Six joined in on Wacky hair day to help raise money for the Haiti earthquake victims. Over $200 was raised. We had fun and we looked super wacky.

Geometry Fun

We explored shapes and used them to create pictures. We can name the shapes and use the language of geometry to name them. Ask us how many corners, edges and sides a shape has.