Monday, July 30, 2012

Construction - Building a House for a Crab

Wow Mikaya and Megan have built the flashest crab houses!  They even have stairs and beds and spa pools.  They must live next door to Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Super Science Friday

Last Friday we explored the concept of Gravity.  We learnt that if you drop a marble and a ping pong ball at the same time they will fall to the ground at the same time - even if they don't weigh the same.  We also discovered that things that have a big service area, like a sheet of paper, take longer to fall.  We will be thinking about gravity later when we learn more about the tides.

Movement Pathways

Jorgia and Anna use their bodies to make a Zig Zag shape.  We are exploring movement pathways to help us create Rocky Shore roleplays later.

Paper Weaving

We are learning the basic skills of weaving.  We hope this will help us later when we try to weave grass and flax,

Learning Information Literacy Skills

Here we looked at some posters and we decided that a good poster has a title and some pictures.  A poster tries to tell us something important in a simple way.  We had a try at designing some of our own posters.

Activity Based Learning

We began our Activity Based Learning this afternoon.  This is when we work in small groups at different activities based around our inquiry learning on the Rocky Shore.  We are learning how to manage ourselves, work with others, learn new skills and explore questions and ideas.  Here we had to build a tent for camping.