Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Congratulations Room 6 on your Ag Day activities.

What a fantastic Ag Day we had on Saturday. I was so proud of our animal handlers and of the work displayed in our classroom. A very special congratulations to Greta who won Grand Champion with her calf. The judges were so impressed with how well the Juniors led their animals. A credit, I think, to the fantastic support given by our parents. Below are some photos taken of the day. They include our animal handlers plus examples of our character bottles, collections and writing.


Tre's mum said...

Hi Super Six!! What a great job you all did at Ag Day - I loved your stories and thought the endings were very creative!!

Tina said...

Thank you supersix for having such a fun class. On Ag day I really enjoyed walking around seeing what you have all been up to.

This blog is going to be a great way for Robbie to teach me how to use the computer - I have a little trouble with it sometimes.

Thanks Mrs H for all her help to get this going, what a fantastic teacher super six has.

Tina Robbie's Mum