Sunday, April 26, 2009

Georgia's and Jade's Report on Our Class Frogs

We found four tadpoles. We brought them to school into super six. But one died because somebody over fed it. We fed them gold fish food. They were golden bell frogs. They came to New Zealand from Australia 101 years ago. They like to live near rocks and ponds.
We found them in the drain.
The place was a beautiful
sight. The frogs were AMAZING
We had three tadpoles in our class. We named them Whale, Speedy and Bubbles. We released the one which was called Whale first. Then we released
Speedy and Bubbles. It is important to let the froglets go in the place that you found them as tadpoles.

Our tadpoles were funny. One sat on the rock. One sat on Jade’s finger. They were slimy and slippery. The water was filled with bugs. Our goldfish bowl had a rock in it for the froglets to sit on. It was cool. The tadpoles and froglets were looking at the activ board. The tadpoles and froglets looked like they were happy and they were swimming as fast as a dolphin. They were jumping as high as a dolphin too.
Frogs and tadpoles DON’T LIKE rats or birds, cats or dogs and they don’t like sprays and poisons. Lots of their homes are being used up and they don’t have anywhere to live.

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Treehouse Dwellers said...

How long did it take for your tadpoles to become frogs?
Manaia Kindergarten