Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zero Waste Lunch Boxes

For the past two weeks we have been learning about zero waste lunch boxes.  we collected all of our rubbish from one week and sorted it into piles.  We graphed our results.  The most rubbish we had was Glad-wrap.  The next biggest pile we had was chippie wrappers. 
We want to be the best class at reducing our rubbish.  We talked about eating fresh and healthy to help reduce our rubbish.  We talked about using containers to put our food into instead of gladwrap.  We talked about having cool lunchboxes with lots of compartments. We talked about buying in bulk which not only saves rubbish but also money!!!
Thanks to Anna Murphy from Zero Waste for coming in and helping us.
thanks also to the families that are helping us.  We already have several children who have Zero Waste in their lunchboxes.  Outstanding.

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